How to Remove Blackheads – Tricks of the Trade

Especially for people who have acne, blackheads can be an embarrassing problem. This article will give you some tips so that you will have success in removing blackheads.

If you happen to have acne, as most teenagers do, then you are bound to have blackheads. Acne is caused by the skin’s over-active sebaceous glands. The pores become clogged due to excess oil that is secreted. The combination of dead skin cells and oil hardens and forms what is called a plug. The skin is exposed to a lot of grime and dirt in the environment. That is why the plugs turn black. Now that you know what causes this condition, here are some tips about how to remove blackheads.

If you want to remove that large, unsightly blackhead, follow the steps below:

* Remove a pen’s inner ink tube

* Press transparent end over the blackhead and twist in the direction of left to right.

* Presto! Out pops the blackhead!

* Place a bag of peas that have been frozen or even an ice cube will work, over the hole where the blackhead was to make it close up.

This method works wonders and now you should be blackhead free! Now you know how to remove blackheads in case you ever have to do the procedure again.

Blackhead Pens

If you want to know another way as to how to remove blackheads, you can obtain a blackhead pen from many beauty stores. It is worth buying so you can make sure that when you remove the blackhead it is safe and hygienic.

Other Blackhead Removal Methods

No matter how much we wash and scrub our faces, it seems that blackheads come to stay on our noses. If you want to know how to remove blackheads, then read on.

Nose-Strip Method

* Take a clean face cloth, wet your nose, and then dry off your hands.

* Open a nose strip packet, such as Biore, and rip the little tabs off so that it fits better on your nose.

* Place the sticky side on your nose, re-wet it, and wait for approximately 10 minutes.

* After this time has passed, the nose strip should be hard like papier mache. Remove it, and with it come all the blackheads.

Facial Scrub Method

* Wash your face and rinse with water. Do not dry.

* Take some facial scrub the size of a quarter and lather it through clean hands.

* Massage your face in order to exfoliate your skin.

* Rinse and wash face again if you have to. For those who have acne, this is an easy way as to how to remove blackheads.

Waxing at Salon

This is just one of those myths that have been circulating that where you wax, black hair will start to grow. That is NOT true! If you want to know of another method as to how to remove blackheads, just go to a beautician, and have her wax your nose and any other places you have blackheads. In this day and age, most beauticians have had experience in this area.

Other tips

* When using strips, only use them once a week.

* Make sure you keep the strip on until it is dry.

* Make an effort not to touch your face. This is how oil, dirt, and germs get into your face, block pores, and cause those unsightly blackheads.

For those who suffer from acne and/or blackheads, remember that this too shall pass!


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